Xamarin For Mobile

Since time-to-market matters most!

The Rise of Cross Platform Mobile Development

The huge surge in the demand for cross-platform mobile development is coherent with the rising usage of mobile applications for day-to-day businesses operations as well as for personal convenience.
The expansion of the target market from critical to smaller, routine, applications on the device has resulted in…


Demand for lower cost
of development in order
to sustain smaller,
quicker, app outfits.


Due to the enormous
competition, and the fast
spread of ideas, there is
an emergent pressure to
reduce the time to market!


As the variety of devices
grows, there is an ever
increasing mandate for wider
device coverage of apps..

And the extraordinarily rapid engagement of consumers on these technologies, has proven undoubtedly beneficial for the mobile development team at Synsoft Global. The various cross-platform technologies indulged in by Synsoft are Xamarin (C#), Appcelerator Titanium (JS), Phone Gap (HTML/CSS/JS), Unity 3D (JS), Angular 2 (JS).


Why Xamarin

As a result of the existing prominence of C#, Xamarin has observably become the most pursued
technology for cross platform mobile development. It ensures a seamless and almost
instant transformation of C# developers from web/desktop apps to mobile apps

Consumers expect it to be a huge effort saver.

Synsoft has completed several mobile applications in Xamarin, and continues to do more and more work on it.
It’s a perpetually growing, skilled Xamarin team here at Synsoft!


Targets iOS, Android, Windows
and Mac with a single,
shared C# codebase.
Uses the same language,
APIs and data structures on every platform


Xamarin apps are built with
standard, native controls, Apps
look and behave the way
the end user expects
them to


Xamarin has a reputation of
being up-to-date with
the latest APIs
from the various


The Xamarin Test Cloud
enables developers to test
the apps on over 1000
devices in the cloud,
before releasing it


Real time crash
and exceptions
monitoring helps to
improve the quality
of apps

Case Studies

Those are a handful of new ventures embarked upon with Xamarin! Synsoft hopes to put in the same energy into every problem served, every new endeavor initiated!
…Aptly called The Solutions Provider, Synsoft has much to look forward to in a world where expectations seem to slide more and more towards perfection, and technologies more and more towards enhancements!
Xamarin provides the perfect platform for us to exploit.

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